News Interceptor 3 Beta 16 in Your Enterprise's Network

NI3 Beta 16 is now out! Apart from some minor bug fixes, the main new feature is the connectivity between NI3 and a private RSScache server. What does this mean? Well if you work in an enterprise and you would need NI3 to access your private feeds that are only available through your intranet or LAN networks, it is now possible. How? By installing a RSScache Entreprise server in your LAN and by specifying to NI3 the URL to your private RSScache service. That way, NI3 will use your own RSScache server instead of using our online service to do the feed caching.

Here is the complete list of changes:

- add: integration of News Interceptor with RSScache, allowing enterprises to use a server installed into their intranet to do the caching of the feeds;
- add: new tab "Enterprise" into the Preferences to enter a private RSScache server;
- add: new property in the window to add a feed when using a private RSScache server;
- fix: news sometimes duplicate after an update of NI;
- fix: still problem when importing incorrectly formatted OPML files;
- fix: treeview doesn't refresh when deleting an unread news;
- fix: default sort directions of the news and the downloads are not correct.